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PayPal Buyer and Seller Protection

Did not receive your item, got a broken product, or the buyer is claiming an unauthorized amount? Do not worry; PayPal has got your cover. The buyers as well as the seller are eligible to get a full refund.

PayPal, the payment processing system has spread its arms across the world and there is hardly any country where this payment method is not acceptable. In addition to processing payments, you can send and receive money via PayPal in just a few clicks. Once you create an account, you are all set to receive your payments that are too safe.

However, at times you might come across certain damages or losses in the business you are involved in. So, keeping this in mind and being thoughtful about its users, PayPal has a protection plan. This protection plan covers certain losses that are incurred by both the buyer as well as the seller.

If you are keen to know about PayPal buyer protection and PayPal seller protection, then this article has everything you ever wanted to know about it. Hence, without delaying anymore, let’s jump right in it.

What is the PayPal buyer protection?

If in case the product that you ordered online and prepaid it using PayPal, then you may get the amount back in your account. The amount of reimbursement can also be claimed if the ordered product doesn’t meet your expectations or it is completely different than what you have ordered. Along with the reimbursement of money, the postage charges are also borne by PayPal.

Things covered under the buyer protection plan

There are certain things that are covered under the reimbursement plan of PayPal and these are listed below:

  • All the physical goods that you may receive via Courier services.
  • The stuff that strictly is in accordance with the policies.
  • It may include a suitcase, book, magazine, a DVD, or so on.
  • The amount of the item is less than the ordered amount.
  • In case the product you have purchased does not include some essential parts.
  • Or, when you receive a fake copy of the branded product.

Things not covered
in the PayPal
Buyer Protection

Apart from the stuff mentioned above, buyer protection with PayPal does not reimburse your money in the following scenario:

  1. In case you have paid for any services and did not receive it.
  2. If you have invested in a real estate project.
  3. Any kind of motor vehicle is not included in the protection plan.
  4. Things that you receive via custom.
  1. Machinery that is used for manufacturing the products.
  2. If you have booked travel tickets or order gift cards.
  3. Things that you have not purchased online.
  4. Anything that does not abide by the policies of PayPal and eBay.

Important: in case you wish to get reimbursed by PayPal, it is necessary that you ask for it within 180 days from the day on which you have paid to the seller. Make sure to abide by the policies of PayPal to get a full refund along with the delivery charges.

Discover how you can get reimbursed

In case the ordered item doesn’t meet your expectations, you can open a dispute according to the buyer protection with PayPal. In just a few simple steps you can get your money back:

  • To initiate, first ensure that it is not more than 180 days since you made the payment.
  • Then, open a dispute on the official platform of PayPal.
  • If both the seller and the buyer agree to it, you will get your refund.
  • Else, you may also visit the ‘Resolution Center’.
  • Make sure you do it within 20 days of opening the dispute.
  • If nothing works right, PayPal will investigate it itself and resolve the issue.

Note: for the completion of the reimbursement process, you might be asked to share some documents in support of your claim. Hence, buyers should keep all the documents related to the purchase in a safe place as he might need them later.


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